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The secret behind the honey

Producing honey locally simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of our wonderful hive hosts — here are some of the stories of our loving bee-whisperers!

Carolyn & Marky's garden, Box Hill South

Carolyn & Marky have a rare triple-block close to Gardeners Creek and have an abundance of fruit trees, nut trees, natives, flowers, a thriving vegetable patch and herbs galore. Bees love it at their place, and it’s reflected in the honey they produce.

Shaun & Meryll's garden, Forest Hill

Shaun and Meryll have plenty of citrus trees, magnolias, sheoaks, wattles and other native trees planted throughout their garden. Herbs are always to be found — especially parsely!

Sheh-mae's garden, Burwood

Sheh-mae is close to the Wattle Park parklands, and has a garden full of herbs, fruit trees and wildflowers, as well as one of the most prolific group of banana trees we’ve seen in Melbourne!

Moira's garden, Ashburton

Moira’s large suburban block backs onto Gardiners Creek, and is full of natives and fruit trees. Her multiple vegetable gardens are always full of produce, and her chickens happily free-range throughout the back yard. Her garden is a dream!

Erin's garden, Vermont

Erin has a slightly larger than standard garden near Dandenong Creek, with almost half of her back yard dedicated to vegetables, herbs and perennials. She also has the largest feijoa tree we’ve ever seen, with a small pond at the rear for the bees. Perfect!

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