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It's the closest you'll get to eating honey straight from the hive.

Our honey is harvested from backyard hives throughout Whitehorse and Monash, in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

It is not uncommon for people to become a little worried upon seeing a swarm of bees β€” give us a call and we can remove the swarm for you.

If you love local honey, you can’t get any better than from your own backyard. Find out how to host one of our hives!

The Bearded Bee difference.

We believe in making a bee’s life as peaceful as possible. Minimal interventions, a lifetime in the same place, and lots of good plants to forage. We place our hives with avid gardeners who respect the contributions of the humble bee.

In return, the bees give us honey β€” but not at their own expense.

That’s why we only sell our honey locally. We’re not interested in mass production at the expense of our bees’ health.

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